Ready for Action


Get your trucks all set for success.

Are your Trucks 'Ready for Action'

Do you have trucks returning to the road after a period of downtime?  

At Mercedes-Benz Trucks we want to get you moving again by ensuring your vehicles are operating to their maximum capability.  

Our 'Ready for Action' health check minimises potential downtime by identifying defects resulting from a period off the road.   

Mercedes-Benz technicians will perform the check on your premises and carry out minor repairs where possible. This will not only reduce unplanned workshop visits, but keep your Mercedes-Benz Trucks where they belong, on the road.

Actros, Arocs, Atego or Econic – whatever vehicles you run, we will give your fleet a thorough health-check. Our technicians will check and assess overall vehicle health to provide total confidence for vehicles returning to service.

Ready for Action Checklist
Batteries Charge level and condition
Exterior lighting Front and rear lamp operation
Marker lights
Tyres Tread depth 
Tyre pressure
Visual check for damage
Digital vehicle diagnosis Diagnostic check of systems and control units
Vision Windscreen - check for damage
Windscreen washers - operation
Windscreen wipers - operation
Mirrors - check for damage
Fluid Levels Engine oil
Visual check for leaks
Air brake system Check for build-up of air pressure
Roadtest Check engine operation 
Check gear selection
Brake performance test*

Fifth wheel
Grease and check operation

Total Transparancy when repairs are necessary

Should the healthcheck identify any additional work, your Mercedes-Benz Authorised Repairer will discuss this with you and seek authorisation for any chargeable repairs. For repairs or maintenance requiring a workshop visit, a convenient time will be agreed with you. 

To book a Truck healthcheck, please click here to request a callback. 

* Where a brake roller test is not possible a measured temperature check after roadtest will be performed